I have a 1st Class Honours degree in Economics, including Econometrics, from the University of Newcastle (NSW) and a Masters degree in Economics, including Econometrics, from the Australian National University.

For six years I was a full-time member of staff in the Faculty of Economics at the Australian National University where I taught applied and quantitative economics and published a number of econometric studies.  I then worked for twenty years as a Senior Economic Policy Analyst and Adviser to the Australian Federal Parliament.

I have been involved in dressage for over 10 years and have been a committee member of three separate dressage clubs.  I have long had an interest in dressage scoring, having programmed scoring applications and scored at many events.  I have by now lost count but, on my last reckoning,  I must have pencilled at least 3,500 tests for a range of different judges.

In this blog I have combined my interests in both statistics and dressage to hopefully bring some rigour to the analysis of the scores awarded by judges at local, national and international dressage events.